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  • Natasha Darling

I wrote this poem in 2015, it came through me like lightning and it was beyond powerful. I read it over and over and found it activated many aspects of Self.

Poetry is the bridge that takes us to great beauty within, My Beloved is about the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine dance that occurs within us all.

For recorded SoundCloud version of this poem click here.


may the beat of your heart,

fill my heart.

May our hearts be one,

may we love all reflections of self.

To not deny the beauty of the world for each other,

to thrust though love into the fire of spirit,

to be burned and reborn in each moment.

Purified in spirit for the welcoming of love’s embrace.

May all the pains we once felt be soothed by the breeze that kisses my face,

In this moment,

I feel the wind carries this fragrant resonance of love,

like the spreading of eagle’s wings to fly,

Skies are filled with the soft hue of boundless transient shimmering.

The sky sees all of you my Beloved,

and I am the sky,

I am the stars,

and I am the eyes of Goddess.

May she bless us with her graceful luminous reverie,

may she fill our hearts with undying wisdoms.

May we share a kiss of eternal innocence?

I ask that my life be blessed with the remembrance of ‘self’.

I see your deep pools of infinite stories,

I see your eyes,

My Beloved.

Transcendent and all encompassing,


as swirlers do.

Mirroring your mastery,

cosmic musings,

reflecting back unto you.

May we journey on the whims of the night sky?

For we are the glimmering dark night.

For us to embrace silvery moon’s radiance,

from the glossy yet dancing rays of the sun,

we dance as one.

Like the waves in the ocean,

My Beloved.

May the light of dawn shine apon your face,

and reflect back to me all that I am and all that I’ll ever be.

For through your reflection,

I see all of creation,

for in seeing ‘you’, I see ‘me’.

May I be the kiss and the kissers?

May I be the the loved and the lovers?

May I be the adorned and the adorners?

For an existence without you My Beloved,

leaves me with void of knowing all of self.

As I swirl and dance as particles intwined,

in all existence,

I never knew a reflection so sweet,

so divine.

My Beloved,

all ways and eternally yours,

like a flower to it’s vine, we are one.

May I be the song and the singers?

May I be the heart which holds your wishes?

May I be the dance and the dancers?

For the love I beckon and summon from you,

can only be that of all parts,

all ways.

So unimaginable,

so inconceivable.

I call you to rise to me like the sun does to the mountains and the waters,

As I dissolve into infinite reflections of all the love I am,

may I be the cloud for you to fall?

And in your falling,

like fallers do,

shall you dissolve and fly,

as eagle takes flight,

may your wings of particles,

dance in loves sight,

My Beloved.

May we dance together eternally,

for existence has no better purpose,

than for ‘you’ and ‘I’ in presence beyond,

My Beloved.

  • Natasha Darling

Here is a film created by the wonderful 'Art From The Margins' team in 2015 about my healing journey and how healing has come through as my focus in my artwork.

Healing gives you the chance to explore who you truly are, it can be a challenging journey that can offer a lot of spiritual insight if you choose to see it that way. What do you want to create?

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