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May I be loved by you?

my dearest mirror

shine your reflected light unto me, my love

let me see self

beyond all the wishes and wants

the raw, and rotting skin I wear

the worms call me, to lie with them

one day, I will find the portal

to other worlds, of myself unknown

may death leave no trace of me behind

may I lay with my lover for the last time

And may I know that night to be the darkest

which carries the most light

the light of my soul burning,

burning into you my love

though before that time comes

when day turns to starry nights

may I be loved by you?

as lovers do

my dearest mirror

may I shine my reflected light onto you?

like a flicker of a second

of illusions which made magics true

And in this time we have here

my bones go so weak and splinter 

my eyes dissolve into your eyes

and my bones crush, into white glossy powder

Just a spark in time we have together, my love

will you be my mirror?

Shine your reflected light onto me

don’t let me disappear, don’t let me turn to a hazy wonder

Can you feel my asking?

Would you be the glorious castle

where I can reside, protected and shielded

from all that could come to fade

May I be your mirror?

Shining my reflected light onto you?

I watch your hands, so delicately holding mine

as they do

as time welcomes the creases,

the creases of our wrinkled and tainted encapsulations 

of explosive burning souls

like paper thin bark blowing from trees

tearing apart

leaving only scattered remains

of what was once you and I.

May we be each others mirror, my love

a temporary glimmer of hopeless loves and failures

of devastating dreams and tears intwined

of forgotten dreams once in full bloom

yet left behind 

like autumn leaves dancing

punished and broken, laid into the soil 

where our death be consumed and laid

under the cold and forgotten stones of yesterday

May we be each others mirrors my love?

Reflections of each moment 

let our light burn, into the eternal flame

and know that we shared this reflection

that we knew self, if only for a second

May I be loved by you, my mirror?

Look to me, to see the demise of seconds before

and as we nourish the Earth with the cells 

in our bodies that once were alive and well

we shall enter the portal to the other worlds unknown

dancing as fire flies do

in the mystery of nights

No one need see us

two shimmering ghostly hues of beings ablaze 

May we be each others mirrors, my love?

As we know our shattered truths

in this moment be made untrue

will you dance with me my love?

in our union of reflections

will you be my mirror?

dance with me for eternity

in the other worlds, from other realms

beyond all we can see

will you be my mirror my love?

be one with me....

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