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Natasha Darling was born in the Solomon Islands and retains a deep connection to the people and the island way of life.  The simplicity and freedom she enjoyed in her early childhood played an integral role in developing her creative ability and the worldview she has today.

Natasha’s learning process has always been a tactile one where creativity was concerned, she grew into a cross disciplinary artist having completed a successful career in fashion (styling) with reputable publications and designers in London, Dubai and Australia.  Starting out as a visual stylist Natasha gravitated towards larger responsibilities to become a creative director on numerous editorial shoots.  She quickly built an exemplary reputation in the industry for her attention to detail, work ethic, and intuitive creative vision.

​Natasha’s work is strongly influenced by her instinctual connection to the concept of universal oneness - fractals, holographic resonance, yin and yang, and the relationship between all things.  This connection inspires her use of colour and spiritual esoteric symbols that bring a greater awareness to our multidimensional selves.  Her paintings produce a simple unified whole while maintaining an intricate and detailed aesthetic and emphasise the need to re-connect ourselves with the ancient wisdom and healing energy of sacred places around the world that reflect our own inner wisdom while also realising that these places are aspects and activation points to awakening the awareness of the 'Self'.

One of her greatest challenges has been living and healing from a chronic illness process which almost took her life in 2013 & 2014.  She sees the challenges she has faced as steps along a shamanic pathway of Self-Mastery that has required her to rebuild herself both mentally, emotionally and physically several times.  Having been pushed to come to terms with many of her own Shadow aspects of Self, just like an alchemical process, her understanding of both herself and the world have become more refined each time. 

Natasha’s work has been exhibited in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney but her foundational focus was to appropriately display her activating work in several of Brisbane wellness centres to serve as healing ‘portals’ for collective awakening, and to share colours, vibrations and geometric patterns with the focused intention of healing.

In amongst being a stylist, creative director, artist and poet, Natasha through her experience of working with geometry, colours and various frequencies - naturally gravitated toward Healing through Mineral Therapy (The Liquid Crystals) & working with sound (she currently is an Accutonics Student also).  

These healing abilities and interests were always present growing up but throughout the healing journey, helped develop her skills into metaphysical Self healing which has further propelled her extensive study in spiritual philosophy, symbolism and it’s relation to Shadow work within self (also known as the Dark Night of the Soul) which is predominantly her focus in her work; whether in Ceremony / Sacred Arts / Healing / Teaching, she is always communicating metaphorically the landscapes of our own hidden psyche, to help us free ourselves from our unconscious bindings / beliefs to develop a more holistic world view for us to create our reality from.  

Currently Natasha is writing a book on our Divine Sovereignty which goes more in depth with the work she is also anchoring within her healing work.  ​




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